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Jiangsu Stord Works Ltd. is located in National Mechanical Industrial Area, which is at the coast of Taihu Lake, Fangqiao Town, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province. Our company has more than 180 employees, covers an area of 25,000m2 , which has more than 70 sets of various manufacturing and testing equipment. The maximum lifting capacity is 100T, and the bending capacity for thickest plate is up to 120mm. Our company introduced the foreign advanced equipment and technology, focuses on developing and manufacturing evaporating and concentrating equipment, drying equipment, pressing equipment, crushing and milling equipment, conveying and mixing equipment, heat exchangers and non-standard vessels...



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Address:FangQiao Town,Yixing City,Jiangsu,China  Tel:0510-87585811   Contacts:Mr. Ming   Mobile:13961545878
Fax:0510-87588727 Email:sales@xmndw.com Site:www.xmndw.com
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